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Repair Service for PUMA Knives

Send your Puma knife to PUMA GmbH in Germany for repair. 

Please be sure to mail your Puma knife securely packed to:

PUMA GmbH IP Solingen
An den Eichen 20-22
D-42699 Solingen

Enclose a letter with your full address (including email address) and description of complaint or your wish. Please understand that we do not accept any pay-on-delivery shipments.

We check and assess the damage. Then we email you a cost estimate. You can pay the repair costs by credit card or PayPal. (If you pay by credit card, you need Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode)

After receipt of the payment the repair is carried out and your Puma knife is sent back. In the case of repairs under warranty you get the knife back automatically after repair.

IMPORTANT  -  Sending a knife for repair from outside the European Union.

If you want to send a knife for repair or refurbishing from outside the European Union, please carefully follow these instructions:

Attach a letter with the following details:
- Our company name and address
- Your name and address
- Reason for shipping
- Item number of the knife
- Year of production
- Price in year of production
(Note: customary free limit is 22.00 EUR)

If there is an issue with providing any of this information, please ask us. You can send an email and we will provide you with all information.

Please attach this letter on the outside of the parcel (with shipping bag).

It is very important that Customs Agents are able to read it without opening the package. Enclose your personal inquiry inside the parcel.

Thank you for your cooperation.

PUMA IP GmbH Solingen
An den Eichen 20-22, D-42699 Solingen
Phone: +49 (0)2851-5896-50, Fax: +49 (0)2851-5896-60,