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PUMA Belgian water sharpening stone
PUMA Belgian water sharpening stone

PUMA Belgian water sharpening stone


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Product information "PUMA Belgian water sharpening stone"

2 sides / combination Stone
Grain size of the gray side: 1200
Grain size of the violet side: 6000
Dimensions: 150 x 50 x 20 mm
Weight: 412 g


How does the Belgian water sharpening stone work?

When honing tool steels, the burr created during grinding is removed and the cutting edge tip is polished. During this process, the following happens on the water moistened Belgian stone:

When the blade of the tool rubs against the evenly fine-grained surface of the stone, the abrasion first loosens the softer components of the sedimentary rock such as ashes, clays and mica, and the embedded garnets come out a little.  As this happens, they also loosen from the bedrock (this is called grain eruption) and together, with the water, form a thin paste - the grinding paste.

During the even grinding movement, the curves of the garnets penetrate the steel slightly and remove fine shavings from the metal. However, the hardness of the garnet causes a very sharp abrasion, but the round shape of the beads does not cause cracks, but a fine polish. This combination of speed and fineness is unique worldwide. Through it, a cutting edge can be achieved, with which, for example, the wood fiber can be cut cleanly across. 

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