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PUMA IP lanza Saufeder (boar spear)
PUMA IP lanza Saufeder (boar spear)
PUMA IP lanza Saufeder (boar spear)

PUMA IP lanza Saufeder (boar spear)


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Product information "PUMA IP lanza Saufeder"

The history of the Saufeder is long and rich, as it has been used to hunt wild boar for centuries.  In Germany the Saufeder is still used to finish off wild boar to this day.  

The PUMA IP lanza Saufeder is a quality collection piece for the Canadian.  It is not legal to hunt with a spear in Ontario, Canada.  Please check your local laws before purchase if you intend to use it for hunting.  

The trademark holder, PUMA Germany, has this to say about this fine article: "The lanza model from PUMA IP is the modern form of the classic boar spear. Proven as a knife (deer catcher) for outdoor use, it can be combined with the oak shaft to form a classic boar spear. In total, the lanza has a length of 1,855 mm. The knife is held in a sheath made of saddle leather." ( - translated from the original German

Blade length: 218 mm
Blade thickness: 5 mm
Steel / hardness: 440C / 57-60 HRC
Length: 350 mm without shaft
Total length: 1855 mm
Knife weight: 624 g without shaft
Total weight: 1,7 kg
Handle: aluminum
Barrier: stainless steel
Shaft: oak wood
Sheath: leather

Country of origin: Spain