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PUMA Universal oil care cloth, 10 pieces

PUMA Universal oil care cloth, 10 pieces


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Product information "PUMA Universal oil care cloth, 10 pieces"

The PUMA Universal Oil Care Cloth was developed in cooperation with the company BALLISTOL and is ideal for the care of your cutlery. Whether lubricating pocket knives and multitools, protecting the blade against corrosion, oiling the wooden handle or caring for the leather sheath to keep it supple and water-repellent are just a few examples.
The name Ballistol has become a synonym for quality and versatility. Since then, millions of consumers have put their trust in Ballistol products and have found surprising applications, which extend to human and animal use.

The universal oil is food safe and can be used for countless purposes. The product does not resinify or dry out. It is biodegradable and skin-friendly.